Siggraph 2007

Siggraph 2007

I took the day off Tuesday and drove down to San Diego to see the exhibits at Siggraph 2007. It wasn’t as big as it has been in the past but still a decent size. The Disney Animation booth DAS Booth was very well done with a few demo stations out front so the people staffing the booth could show off the art and technology of Meet the Robinsons. They also had a small 3D theater in the booth to show off the nice job the MTR team did on the 3D look.

Laika had a nice booth there and I talked with them for a while. Coraline project looks good. I talked to Michael Kuehn and he said the studio just bought 30 aches to build on. We talked for while and he is really loving Portland. His house has a river on one side and a vineyard on the other. He said the quality of life was though the roof.

I also went though the Emerging Technologies area. The two high points for me were seeing the a water fountain that you could play like a piano. Water Piano The neat thing is that it’s actually in production and they are selling it to water parks. The company is Funtain. Sure I want one for my backyard but they are not cheap. The guys said about the cost of a nice piano.

The other thing of note was the OLPC or I guess it’s called the XO now. OLPCVery little computer. I did stress little? Check out my hand next to the keyboard. hand next to OLPCI know it’s for kids but I thought that i might be able to use it too. The keys were soo close together it was very hard to type. Still though if they made it available I would buy one from my son.

4 thoughts on “Siggraph 2007

  1. Russell Jones

    Isn’t that just the coolest little thing. I’d buy one for Ailee as well, I think her hands would be about perfect for that keyboard. From those shots the keyboard almost looks waterproof … I think it would need to be, heh. OK maybe I’d buy one for myself first.

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