Stan Lee gives us a talk

Stan Lee came to Disney and gave a lunch time lecture. He is amazing. He’s 85 now and starting a new company, POW entertainment. POW Logo He talked about his starting in the business. He said that he almost felt bad after he was in if for a while. There were all these people that live around him that did real things such as plumbers and doctors and all he did was make comic books. It then hit him that people spend a large portion of their money on entertainment. It must be important to them. He WAS doing something that was important to people. I found this inspiring especially working in the entertainment industry.

This picture is him sitting at the signing table after his talk.
Stan Lee Image

He has an amazing amount of energy and makes fun of how popular he has become. He thought all the movies that people are making about the character he created are great. Basically a bunch of talented people make cool movies and he get credit and gets a cameo in the movie. He said it’s a lot of fun to go on set and be treated like a star.

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