I had an idea a while ago about a program to automatically create unit tests for Python code.  I talked it over with Titus Brown from the SoCal Python Interest Group and we both agreed it was a good idea.  We also both agreed it would be a lot of work and neither of us had the time.  I got the idea of getting of asking Disney to hire and intern to take a crack at it.  We looked for a while and then Titus posted the opening on the Testing in Python mailing list.  Michal Kwaitkowski responded with interest.   Getting him here from Poland was a bit of a hassle but well worth it.  The first week he was here we got up and running.

Here is the logo we had a Disney artist draw for it.

It’s of Michal using pythoscope on a legacy python.  :)

Last week we hit a milestone.   We released 0.3 that includes dynamic as well as static analysis of the code before creating unit tests.  Michal presented pythoscope to the SoCal Python Interest Group that I hosted at Disney.  To thank him Disney provided a cake with the pythoscope logo for dessert.

Paul and Michal with Cake

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