Wireless Digital Photo Frame

I just purchased the Samsung SPF-83V 8-Inch Wireless Digital Photo Frame for my parents.
picture frame

  • Samsung makes a good looking LCD. The 800×600 looks good on an 8inch LCD.
  • Auto on/off times
  • The time is auto set off the internet.
  • Has a bunch of features like sound which I don’t care about now but might later.
  • It works great and my parents love it.
  • No monthly fee for service.
  • Worked easily with a WAP protected router.


  • A motion sensor of some type would be nice.
  • The frame border is a little glossy for my taste.
  • The right/left navigation buttons are backwards but they are only used in setup.
  • Don’t expect your parents to be able to set it up. It wasn’t intuitive and I actually know computers.
  • I wouldn’t be offended if it were less expensive.

I decided to go with a third party RSS feed provider, Frame Channel (http://www.framechannel.com/),
Frame Channel
They specialize in providing feeds to internet picture frames.

  • Easy to work with web interface
  • Auto resizes picture you upload
  • Has a email address attached to the account so you can send email with a picture attached and it will show it.
  • The email have to come from approve sources. (I was worried about porn spam, that would have been awkward.)
  • The have lots of channels like weather, sports, bible quotes, trivial and so on.


  • Their channels have a small ad strip on them. It’s not hideous but well close. I only left the weather and bible quotes on for my parents because they like those the most.

They’ve only had it one week but they are VERY happy with it. We were out on the lake on their boat and I snapped a shot of my boys with the iphone and mailed it to the picture frames address. When we got back to their house an hour later we saw the picture on the frame. It actually look pretty good for a camera phone photo.

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