The Energy Detective : Unbox and Install

After reading about The Energy Detective (TED) on the green tips page at work I decided to research it further.

The device gives you real time feed back on energy consumption.  With this information it helps you manage your energy consumption.  My energy bill can get pretty high, it was $400 last summer, so I decided I needed to do something.  The device was $140 off their web site.  I ordered it and here is what I got:

TED Unboxed

* The internal unit
* The external transmitter
* The inductive couplers (clamp looking things)
* Instruction book
* Other stuff I don’t care about

I read though the booklet before the install.  I didn’t think I needed an electrician to do the install and I didn’t want to spend the money.   It actually wasn’t that bad.  I shut off my external circuit breaker and took the cover off.

TED External Install Full 

I didn’t have room to hook up the couplers after the meter so I hooked them up before.  I may get grief about this from Edison, we will see.   I then hooked the neutral up to the grounding bar.  The hot end I put with another wire on a breaker.  A better picture of the breaker hookup is here:

TED External Install CB Hookup

After I turned the power on the LED on the transmitter started flashing.  I noted the transmitters house code and went inside.   I then plugged in the unit set the house code and it’s working fine.

TED Internal Install

I am consuming .38KW right now.  I need to do more setup and talk about my observations using it but that’s another blog post.

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