Gallery is dead.. time to look at the net for help

Sigh, I had some problems with the directory protection on my gallery so I wasn’t checking it regularly. When I fixed the problem I noticed this error:
Database Error
An error has occurred while interacting with the database.
Back to the Gallery

It might have happened on the last gallery software update. I used the one button install/update from dreamhost. I am not sure what went wrong but since I didn’t have much there I am not heartbroken. It’s just a drag to see gallery die. I decided to look for online photo galleries. I intially tried gallery because it was supposed to hook into iPhoto. I never got that to work. It just hung on export. Oh well, I guess if you really want that stuff to work you need .mac hosting.

I looked at, they are gallery based and I was hoping that their iPhoto connection would work better but no such luck. I will keep looking.

One thought on “Gallery is dead.. time to look at the net for help

  1. paul Post author

    Update: Gallery Lives!

    I seached the net more and found some advice to use phpmyadmin to repair my database tables. I also found how to turn on debugging for gallery. I repaired the tables but in the end I probably didn’t need to the problem was pretty obvious when I turned on debugging.

    To enable the gallery debug mode, change the following in the config.php:


    This dumped a ton of info to the screen including the fact that I was referencing an old URL for the database location. I edited my config.php and changed the URL to the correct one and everything is fine.


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