Hallway conversation with a very nice man

At 9pm tonight I was walking down the hallway at work and Glen Keane was walking out. We talked for a little bit. I told him that when I worked for Hughes on the B2 when people asked me what I do I would tell them that “I help kill people from very high altitudes.” Now though I get to tell people “I make millions of children all over the world happy.” He told me about the time he went to Disneyland and because he misplaced his ID and had a hard time getting in. He finally got into the park but was a little discouraged and was feeling down. Beast Picture
He walked by Beast and thought “Hey, I animated that charater and they wouldn’t even let me in.” Then he saw a little child run up to the Beast and was hugging and kissing him. He then remembered that it wasn’t all about him. We talked about what a priveledge it is to get to work at Disney.

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