Harry Potter Movie

Just saw it. I took the wife but left the kids with friends. It’s a shame more people didn’t do that. I liked it. I think they did a good job making the book into a movie. Everytime I saw them change something from the book I thought… hey that makes sense I can see why they had to do it and it was a good choice. My cheif complaints were the kids behind me the teenager in front of me that kept checking his text messages (with a bright phone screen) and the damage to the movie screen. There was a shiny spot on the screen that jumped out when hit with a lot of light. I was able to tune most of them out but it would be really nice if I didn’t have to do it. I can see why people are turning to home theaters.

Free Audio Books


I’ve been downloading audio books from Librivox.org. and I am very happy with what I’ve been getting. The price (free) can’t be beat. These books are public domain books read by volunteers. Most are good readers and read the whole book. Some books are broken up between readers. I’ve only hit one reader that was bad. I know they tried but… well… they just don’t have a voice for it. Not to worry though, it was free.

I’ve listened the following books:
The Story of My Life by Helen Keller
Allan Quatermain by H. Rider Haggard

Hallway conversation with a very nice man

At 9pm tonight I was walking down the hallway at work and Glen Keane was walking out. We talked for a little bit. I told him that when I worked for Hughes on the B2 when people asked me what I do I would tell them that “I help kill people from very high altitudes.” Now though I get to tell people “I make millions of children all over the world happy.” He told me about the time he went to Disneyland and because he misplaced his ID and had a hard time getting in. He finally got into the park but was a little discouraged and was feeling down. Beast Picture
He walked by Beast and thought “Hey, I animated that charater and they wouldn’t even let me in.” Then he saw a little child run up to the Beast and was hugging and kissing him. He then remembered that it wasn’t all about him. We talked about what a priveledge it is to get to work at Disney.

Amazon Links – Reader Digest Version

Often when sending an Amazon link to someone it will get trashed in the email client.

Here is the normal link:

Howard at work gave me a tip to shorten the link.

Start with http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/
Find the ASIN number for the product. It is normally on the product page, then add that to the url.

The small link to the same product is: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00081RYNC

This is much less likely to get munged in email and is just nicer looking.

This place is a zoo!

This place is a zoo
My parents wanted to get together for a San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park trip. We did it last weekend. It was really nice to spend time with the kids, wife and parents.
It wasn’t that expensive to get in. Danika and I paid $89 for a year pass for both parks. We paid an extra $24 and we also have a year pass for Josh. Since Christoper was under 3 he was free. We spent a day at each park. We enjoyed each park would go back.
There was more walking at the Wild Animal park than we thought there would be. There used to be tram to take you around the whole park. There is still a tram tour but now it’s a good bit of walking to get to it. Pictures are here.


I’ve been using dreamhost.com for a while now and am pretty happy with them. The first year is stupid cheap if you can find a $97 off coupon. Like this one: BONUSHOST I created that one to give you the max discount. :) They have a really easy to use web interface for administration of domains and features. The one click install for many applications like Gallery, WordPress, Joomla and many more is very handy. I wish they would do that for Django but at least they support FCGI so as least I can install it myself.

dreamhost link

Gallery is dead.. time to look at the net for help

Sigh, I had some problems with the directory protection on my gallery so I wasn’t checking it regularly. When I fixed the problem I noticed this error:
Database Error
An error has occurred while interacting with the database.
Back to the Gallery

It might have happened on the last gallery software update. I used the one button install/update from dreamhost. I am not sure what went wrong but since I didn’t have much there I am not heartbroken. It’s just a drag to see gallery die. I decided to look for online photo galleries. I intially tried gallery because it was supposed to hook into iPhoto. I never got that to work. It just hung on export. Oh well, I guess if you really want that stuff to work you need .mac hosting.

I looked at myphotoalbum.com, they are gallery based and I was hoping that their iPhoto connection would work better but no such luck. I will keep looking.

Hey! You!

Um Hi. Thanks for reading my blog. I will endeavor to compile things that are of interest to me and maybe others. When I see cool things or think of something interesting I like to tell people. This seems like the best way to do it. It is also a fun way to play with technology. Anyway thanks for stopping by.